Charleston Thanksgiving 

Here’s a post from Captain Christopher Flansburg as the Harvey Gamage celebrates Thanksgiving in Charleston, S.C.:

Thanksgiving on a Tall Ship can be very difficult for some - away from family and friends.  You have to make the crew around you family, and that’s how I've always seen the crew on whatever vessel I've been aboard for whatever holiday.   Thanksgiving, I will say, is my personal favorite, since the only pressures are to make great food and eat it with the people you love.

On ships I command, my way of doing this is to see in advance who wants to make what.  That green bean casserole?  Candied yams?  The turkey?  Cranberry sauce?  Stuffing?  Everyone has a favorite thing to make Thanksgiving special, and prep starts the day before: baking bread, pies (apple, pumpkin, and pecan), cheesecake, cranberry sauce and baklava.

On our Thanksgiving Day (which was a day late so we could be tied up in Charleston), we had a late wakeup and the talented Von Hemert made eggs benedict.  Then, throughout the day, various crew members were tasked with making their special item:

  • Graceson (green beans)

  • Derrick (turkey, with much advice)

  • Jocelyn (stuffing)

  • Josh (candied yams)

  • Rosa (mashed potatoes)

  • Nikki (brussels sprouts)

  • Captain (gravy, bread and cranberries)

  • Susie (pumpkin pie)

  • Hadley (cheesecake)

  • Meara (baklava)

  • Jocelyn (apple pie)

By 15:30 all was ready, including a perfect turkey, and the crew all sat down to a family meal that would rival any I've ever had.

Laughter and pleasant talk flowed freely. 

I quietly thanked the world for my life.

Fair winds, 

Captain Flansburg