Clinical Nursing

Yet more good news!  A new accredited course has just been added to our winter term program.  Collaborating with the University of Southern Maine, we already planned for a six-credit pilot course starting later this month in sustainable ecotourism, examining economic and environmental issues through the lens of tourism, an industry poised to rise in Cuba in the years ahead.  Now we’ll also host a shipborne USM course in Cuba for undergraduate nursing students.

The course will enhance the nursing students’ professional development and, as appropriate, to put them to work in support of worthwhile medical missions in Havana and Cienfuegos, as well as on the Isle of Youth.  The academic fundamentals of the course work exceptionally well in Cuba, well known for its commitment to public health, and where students will also be collaborating with international social service organizations.

While sponsored by USM, the nursing and ecotourism courses are open to students at other institutions.  The deadline is coming up fast, as these programs run from December 27 to January 15 – or let us know if you’re interested in details of future winter term courses.