Cuba Winter Term Course

Tomorrow, our first cohort of University of Southern Maine students will arrive in Cienfuegos for winter term courses aboard the Harvey Gamage

One class will explore sustainable eco-tourism in Cuba, facing a potential flood of new U.S. visitors.  The other course, for clinical nursing students, focuses on the achievements and challenges of public heath in Cuba.  In addition to academic work, both programs include land excursions to relevant venues in coastal communities in southern Cuba.  The sailing plan includes the isolated Isle of Youth, whose white-sand beaches and medically underserved population raises important issues for both courses.  The distinguished U.S. faculty will be joined at various locations by Cuban colleagues.

For the students, teachers and crew, the schooner serves as both home and mobile classroom.  While the ship accommodations are not luxurious, the schooner is an ideal, self-sufficient vantage point to combine rigorous academics with hands-on community service.  The three-week, six-credit course is open to all college students.  Next winter, we expect to host additional courses and students from many other colleges and universities.

To hear from USM students and how they're preparing for the trip to Cuba, please check out the following story from the Portland Press Herald.