“One of These Things is not like the Other”

“One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just does not belong.”  This tune was sung fervently by some of our students and crew as we motored back into the ocean — leaving West Palm Beach for Key West.

Cuba Trade

Cuba Trade is a fairly new and well-respected magazine (online and print) — and we're pleased to be featured in a story today about our decision to continue our educational voyages, despite new tensions in the relationship between the U.S. and Cuban governments.

Now More than Ever

After six weeks at sea traversing the east coast, we’re now preparing to cross the Florida Straits as sailors and citizen diplomats.  Please click here to listen to the words of our ship captain, Capt. Stephen Taylor, on why now - more than ever - it’s so important that we stay the course to Cuba.

New Cuba Regulations

Today, the Trump Administration released detailed new regulations governing legal travel to Cuba by U.S. citizens.  Based on our initial review, it appears the new rules do not affect Ocean Passages’ programs.

Charleston Walking Tour

Our tour guide led us around Charleston, pointing out historic buildings and the city’s influential impact on United States history.  Our tour even wrapped up with lemonade in the courtyard garden of our guide’s home in the heart of the city — this was southern hospitality at its best.

Swim Call

From gainers off of the jibboom to cannonballs from amidships, we climbed up the Jacob’s Ladder and leapt into the ocean again and again. 

Pumpkin Heads, Music and Dolphins

“I’ve always wanted to wear a pumpkin on my head,” our program coordinator Claire said as we ghosted along in light breeze off of Hatteras Island, North Carolina.  Captain Stephen grinned and cackled and went below for a kitchen knife. 

Hatteras Halloween

The weather window is perfect to leave Norfolk, VA, for the trip south into the Atlantic.  Halloween arrives when we will likely be nearing Cape Hatteras, which is a fitting place to spend this ghoulish holiday.

Back to the Sea

Our Director of Public and Cultural Affairs, Nathan Hesse, has joined the Gamage as she makes her way south to Cuba on our fall gap semester.  Click here to read Nathan's blog about getting back to sailing and readjusting to ship life!

Press Conference

This week, the ship sailed to Washington to brief our congressional representatives on our decision to proceed with our Cuba voyage, despite State Dept. warnings against travel to the island.  We joined with other advocates in hosting a press conference on the deck of the ship – and then prepared to push off for Cuba.

A Practical Education

Thanks to the hard work of those behind the scenes at Ocean Passages, our students and crew had the good fortune to meet with some of their congressmen and senators while in DC.

Annapolis Bound

Our students and crew were able to view the spectacular model ship exhibit in the U.S. Naval Academy’s Preble Hall.

Three Cannon Salute

The Capital Yacht Club, located in Washington, DC, performed a three cannon salute aboard the Harvey Gamage last night to celebrate both the grand opening of their new wharf and 125th anniversary.

The Art of Sailing Diplomacy

Captain Will Gates of the Maryland Dove at Historic St. Mary’s City invited all of us from Ocean Passages aboard for a history lesson and tour of the ship.

Courtney's Restaurant

To share a bit of local culture with our gap students, we took them to Courtney’s Restaurant, a southern Maryland institution.

St. Mary's Tradition

Our host, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, graciously arranged dockage for the Harvey Gamage at the waterfront these last few days.  Coming to St. Mary’s has become a tradition for Ocean Passages.

Race Results

The Harvey Gamage came fourth in her class with an elapsed time of 15:56:06 at the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race.  Captain Stephen Taylor was ecstatic with the performance of the crew, students, and ship.

Harvey Gamage Screams Down the Chesapeake

The Harvey Gamage had a spectacular ride down the bay in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race, passing competition left and right.  Keep checking back as we wait to hear our final race time!

Schooners Unite!

We are about to embark on the 28th Annual Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race.  Track our progress live in the race today!

Awaiting the Race

We’re currently docked at the Baltimore Marine Center in Canton excitedly awaiting The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race start this upcoming Thursday.