Race Results

We'd like to thank the crews of the Pride of Baltimore IISultanaVirginiaLiberty ClipperAJ Meerwald, and Lady Maryland for an exciting race in Class AA in this year’s Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race.  The Harvey Gamage came fourth in her class with an elapsed time of 15:56:06.  Captain Stephen Taylor was ecstatic with the performance of the crew, students, and ship.

Ashore in Portsmouth, VA, our crew joined the Tall Ship community in singing sea shanties and swapping sailing stories.  It was encouraging to see how excited the other crews were that Gamage joined the race — and hearing their interest in our gap semesters in Cuba further affirmed our commitment to provide this programming.  This was a great opportunity for our goodwill ambassadors to learn about other ships and their programs, such as the Pride of Baltimore II who has also sailed abroad on goodwill missions.

PS: Many thanks to Captain Jen Kaye of Schooner Woodwind for coming by to tour our ship!  You can find her video of Harvey Gamage here