St. Mary's Tradition

The sun peaked over the tree line as we approached Horseshoe Bend on the St. Mary’s River.  Our host, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Maryland’s public honors college, graciously arranged dockage for the Harvey Gamage at the waterfront with access to the Muldoon River Center.  Coming to St. Mary’s has become a tradition for Ocean Passages.

Our gap students were able to experience much that the college has to offer and were given exposure to life at this school on the river.  College students, professors, and administrators made their way down the docks for deck tours aboard the ship, tales of our voyage, and to hear about our upcoming adventure to Cuba.

The International Languages and Cultures students were particularly interested in our goodwill mission to Cuba.  Twelve Spanish and Latin American Studies students joined our gap students in the main salon for a discussion about the history of Tall Ships as representatives of nations abroad and the concept of citizen diplomacy.  They were struck by the fact that young people just like them are sailing to Cuba as citizen representatives of the United States. 

The college’s windsurfing club also hosted a learn-to-windsurf clinic for the Harvey Gamage and towed beginners back to the beach as we were blown downwind.  Adventures also included hiking, swimming the warm water of the river, and having a bonfire at Church Point under the clear night sky.