Three Cannon Salute

Three cannons fired from the deck of the Harvey Gamage in celebration of the Capital Yacht Club’s 125th anniversary and the opening of their new clubhouse in Washington, DC’s southwest waterfront.  The yacht club welcomed us to their celebration, graciously offered dock space during our time in DC, and said that our students and crew livened the place up.  It’s not often that a Tall Ship steams into the nation’s capital.

To get to DC, we must motor under the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge.  This drawbridge spans eight lanes of traffic and requires coordination of multiple government agencies to open, so its opening can put a dent in one’s travel plans.  For that reason, we had to announce our intent to open the bridge 24-hours in advance, and opening can only happen in the middle of the night.

At our dock in DC, we were often bombarded by the thunderous whirr and pulsating drone of helicopters overhead.  The flightpath for choppers in the city, including Marine One, which carries our nation’s president, flew over our stalwart schooner.  There is no doubt that our nation’s leaders looked down and saw the rare sight of a schooner on the Potomac River — rarer yet in that we are sailing from DC to Cuba.