Hatteras Halloween

The weather window is perfect to leave Norfolk, VA, for the trip south into the Atlantic.  After 24 hours of wind and rain, a high-pressure system will be coming into the mid-Atlantic waters.  This means relatively calm seas and smooth sailing for the trip down to Charleston, SC.

Today, everyone on board worked hard on ship maintenance and chores.  From doing “soles and bowls” (cleaning the cabin floors and toilets), to provisioning, to tuning the rig, refueling, and checking safety equipment—we are ready to return to the ocean.

Halloween arrives when we will likely be nearing Cape Hatteras.  Hatteras is a fitting place to spend this ghoulish holiday.  Notorious for foul weather from the Gulf Stream and ship wrecks off of Diamond Shoals, this part of the coast is known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic.  The feared pirate Blackbeard gallivanted in and around Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands in his heyday. Blackbeard knew the waters well and took advantage of merchant ships passing by—capitalizing on his local knowledge.

But the Harvey Gamage students and crew are ready for Hatteras and for Halloween.  The ship is strong, and we’ve sailed nearly 1,400 miles together since leaving Portland, ME.  Last night, the rain subsided long enough to carve pumpkins on deck.  Some of the pumpkins were even graced with multiple faces.  These pumpkins, along with hot cider, fresh roasted pumpkin seeds, and a hearty stew, will make our Hatteras Halloween a memorable one.