Now More than Ever

In the weeks since the Harvey Gamage first sailed from Maine, and while our students were learning the history of U.S.-Cuban relations, the tensions between our governments have intensified.  The U.S. withdrew our diplomats from Havana and expelled Cuban Embassy personnel from Washington.  The State Department issued warnings against travel to Cuba by U.S. citizens.  And the Administration announced new restrictions on travel to Cuba.

Legally, Ocean Passages remains fully authorized by the Treasury and Commerce Departments to travel to Cuba.  Moreover, we are determined to stay our course.  We even sailed to Washington to explain that decision directly to our congressional representatives — and then hosted a shipboard press conference just before pushing off the Washington waterfront to set sail for Cuba.  

After six weeks at sea traversing the east coast, we’re now preparing to cross the Florida Straits as sailors and citizen diplomats.  Please listen to the words of our ship captain, Capt. Stephen Taylor, on why now - more than ever - it’s so important that we stay the course to Cuba.