The Requisite Hot Sauce

Key West is the last island in the Florida Keys that is connected by road to the mainland United States.  It is only 90 miles as the crow flies to Havana.  The island is the last place to prepare the Harvey Gamage for the winter in Cuba.  Boxes upon boxes of supplies arrived for us at Stock Island Marina.  We also hoisted a pallet of new line for halyards, sheets and dock lines aboard the ship.  Lots of fresh fruits and veggies were purchased to tide us over, as well as extra canned goods and dried fruits.

Preparation also means making sure that we are ready to step away from the conveniences of life in the United States.  Crew and students made sure that credit cards are on autopay, all expenses are in order and that health insurance will renew as planned.  We all purchased months’ worth of toiletries and any personal supplies that we don’t want to do without.  For Captain Stephen, this meant The Famous Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce from Belize.  Without bottles and bottles of this tonic, the Harvey Gamage, or at least the Captain, would not function at an optimal level.