What kind of gap program is right for me?

From Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon, Ocean Passages is on the road attending USA Gap Year Fairs all over the country.  In each town and city we visit, fascinating young people are asking all sorts of questions about our program and how it could be the right fit for them.  I find myself asking everyone who comes to learn more about our sailing trips to Cuba about their interests and what really excites them.

The range of interests is incredible.  Students are interested in history; international affairs; sailing; the ocean and being able to have the time to think, write and reflect.  Yet all of these people with such diverse interests have a strong desire for high adventure.  From snorkeling in the Caribbean to exploring Isla de la Juventud to learning about both sides of the Cuba debate in Washington, DC, our programs satisfy a broad range of students.

Standing watch under the night sky while your shipmates sleep, reflecting on the US-Cuba policy debate and spending the next day at anchor in a secluded cove makes each new day with Ocean Passages special.  And like many other programs that are based outdoors, there is time and space to think, reflect and disconnect from the hustle of modern day-to-day life.

Can you see yourself at home on the ship? 


Ocean Passages Program Director Nathan Hesse (2nd from right) is joined by former student Hannah Seda (right) at the Scarsdale, NY USA Gap Year Fair