Part of the Adventure

Photo Credit: Harrison Thompson

After a rough crossing from Cuba to Key West, we picked up a group of sail trainees for a 10-day voyage.  Our Maine students, looking to escape the bitter, New England cold, anticipated a sail south to Cuba with time spent exploring Havana and the nearby beaches.  As is true with all sail programs, though, adverse weather conditions can always alter the trip, and our captain ultimately made the decision not to sail south due to the rough seas.

Despite this unfortunate circumstance, the students remained on board to sail the Florida coast from Key West to Tampa, even stopping to spend time in Cayo Costa State Park.  They watched dolphins from the bowsprit, sang songs in the galley, and even came together to laugh at their travel mishaps.

A parent said, “Hopefully the students are learning that such changes are to be expected when you venture out into the broader world, but they are part of the adventure as well,” and we could not agree more!