Three Cannon Salute

The Capital Yacht Club, located in Washington, DC, performed a three cannon salute aboard the Harvey Gamage last night to celebrate both the grand opening of their new wharf and 125th anniversary.

The Art of Sailing Diplomacy

Captain Will Gates of the Maryland Dove at Historic St. Mary’s City invited all of us from Ocean Passages aboard for a history lesson and tour of the ship.

Courtney's Restaurant

To share a bit of local culture with our gap students, we took them to Courtney’s Restaurant, a southern Maryland institution.

St. Mary's Tradition

Our host, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, graciously arranged dockage for the Harvey Gamage at the waterfront these last few days.  Coming to St. Mary’s has become a tradition for Ocean Passages.

Race Results

The Harvey Gamage came fourth in her class with an elapsed time of 15:56:06 at the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race.  Captain Stephen Taylor was ecstatic with the performance of the crew, students, and ship.

Man Overboard! (Practice)

While steaming north toward St. Mary's College of Maryland, Captain Taylor coordinated an unannounced drill with one of our gap semester students so that we could practice a man overboard recovery with an element of surprise.

Harvey Gamage Screams Down the Chesapeake!

The Harvey Gamage had a spectacular ride down the bay in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race, passing competition left and right.  Keep checking back as we wait to hear our final race time!

Awaiting the Race

We’re currently docked at the Baltimore Marine Center in Canton excitedly awaiting The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race start this upcoming Thursday.


Our students spent yesterday exploring a few museums in New York City, such as the South Street Seaport Museum.

Navigating Hell Gate

We rose early and were underway by 0700 to pass through Hell Gate at slack tide.  Hell Gate is a narrow tidal straight in the East River with a strong current, so it was important to time the passage just right.

Hobie Cats and Quests

Carlos from Rocking the Boat picked up students and crew aboard the Harvey Gamage to go small boat sailing.

Sailing with SUNY Cadets

At SUNY Maritime College, we welcomed 11 cadets aboard for an overnight sail to Oyster Bay on Long Island.

Rocking the Boat

The Harvey Gamage crew invited 25 students and staff from Rocking the Boat to come aboard the ship for an evening sail.

Hauling a Yard

Our students and crew spent yesterday touring the Mystic Seaport Museum.  They learned about shipping and ship figureheads, and they were also able to explore the Charles W. Morgan and the Cuban refugee boat Analuisa.

Viking Ship Draken

After navigating the Mystic River, our students and crew had the chance to tour Draken Harald Hårfagre, the world’s largest Viking ship.

"Whales ho!"

The Gamage set sail amidst sizable swells that calmed throughout the day on the way to Mystic Seaport.

Landing School Tour

Our gap students spent today exploring Maine’s well-respected boat building and marine industry school — the Landing School.

Small Boat Sailing

Just before a thick fog rolled in and rain arrived from far away Hurricane Jose, we sailed J-22s at Sail Maine, a local sailing non-profit.

A Weekend on Hurricane Island

Our Fall 2017 Gap Semester students spent the weekend at the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership.